Chapter 29. Library: Account Management Utilities

As you set out to manage accounts, you may want to keep the account management library in mind. This library provides functions for managing user, group, and computer accounts, as well as domain account policies. Through batch scripts (.wsf) files, you can access these utility functions in any of your scripts.

Building the Account Management Library

Listing 29-1 provides the source code for the account management library. As you examine the listing, note the function names and how the functions are implemented. If you have specific questions on the techniques used in the listing, you'll find related discussions in Chapters 17 and 20.

Example 29.1. Account Management Utility Library


// ************************
// Script: Account Management Library
// Version: 1.1.5
// Creation Date: 04/22/2008
// Last Modified: 05/05/2008
// Author: William R. Stanek
// E-mail:
// ************************ // Description: Provides a utility library for // managing Windows accounts. // ************************ // Copyright (c) 2008 William R. Stanek // You have a royalty-free right to use these applications, // provided that you give credit to the author AND agree that // the author has no warranty, obligations or liability for any // of these library functions. // ************************ //Domain management ...

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