Chapter 42. Envelopes and Labels


  • Printing envelopes on-the-fly

  • Saving envelopes as part of a letter

  • Envelope address styles

  • Built-in and custom labels

In this chapter, we look at envelopes and labels. Word provides tools to facilitate printing both envelopes and labels, and it can be as simple as clicking just a few tools, typing an address, and clicking Print. Word can print directly to envelopes and labels, and it can add an envelope to a letter so that you can print new envelopes as needed (for example, when you have recurring correspondence with a recipient). Similarly, you can print directly to labels using Word's tools, or you can save the labels to a file. This can be useful when you have recurring needs—such as sending mail to a membership or employee roster—especially when the underlying database doesn't change often.


Word's Envelope addressing tool is available from the Mailings ribbon, in the Create section, shown in Figure 42.1. Before you click on the Envelope tool, however, if the current document contains the address, you often can save yourself some work by selecting it and copying it to the Clipboard.

If you're feeling lucky, type or paste the delivery address and return address and click Print. You'll get correct results more often than not, but it's the "not" part that ends up wasting envelopes. For help with Word's behavior and various options, keep reading.

Figure 42.1. Feeling creative? Click Envelopes to address an envelope.

Delivery Address ...

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