TB-F Curves on Different Timeframes

In Chapter 2, I showed that S/R curves launched from the same date on different timeframe charts are different curves, which need to be considered separately. So it should come as no surprise that TB-F curves are also different on different timeframes. Figure 5.15 shows the S&P 500 index, ticker, GSPC, on weekly bars from January 2008 through the end of January 2010, the date of this writing. The great market crash of 2008 to 2009 came to a sharp V bottom in the first week of March of 2009, and then the market launched into a robust uptrend, rising sufficiently above its S1 to allow for TB-F fits. There was a major pullback in July, marked by the first arrow, so a topfinder, T1, is fit there, which is currently ...

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