Chapter 7. Resources and Next Steps

So…are you ready to migrate your applications to IPv6 now? At this point, you may either be saying “Sounds like a piece of cake!” and are ready to go—or be saying “Sounds like a nightmare!” and hoping that IPv4 stays around for a very long time. Odds are you are somewhere in between. Let’s wrap up this book with some lists and a checklist to get you started in your migration.


Let’s start with some lists of resources to help you with migrating applications to IPv6.


The number of IPv6 resource sites is constantly expanding. Rather than include links to specific sites that will surely become outdated, I want to include list a couple of external sites where the list of links can be more easily updated.

My site for the book, where I will include a list of all the URLs referenced in this book, along with a number of tutorials I’ve given about IPv6 and information about how to get started with IPv6. The site also includes a blog that I will update with new information about migrating applications to IPv6, as well as upcoming events and webinars related to IPv6.

O’Reilly’s site for this book

The page contains errata, examples, and more information.

RFC 4038, Application Aspects of IPv6 Transition

This IETF document that provides another approach to the subject of migrating applications to IPv6. The authors go into more detail on some topics than I have, less detail on other topics, and cover a few topics I didn’t (and ...

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