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Migrating Java to the Cloud by Jason Goodwin, Kevin Webber

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This book aims to provide practitioners and managers a comprehensive overview of both the advantages of cloud computing and the steps involved to achieve success in an enterprise cloud initiative.

We will cover the following fundamental aspects of an enterprise-scale cloud computing initiative:

  • The requirements of applications and infrastructure for cloud computing in an enterprise context

  • Step-by-step instructions on how to refresh applications for deployment to a cloud infrastructure

  • An overview of common enterprise cloud infrastructure topologies

  • The organizational processes that must change in order to support modern development practices such as continuous delivery

  • The security considerations of distributed systems in order to reduce exposure to new attack vectors introduced through microservices architecture on cloud infrastructure

The book has been developed for three types of software professionals:

  • Java developers who are looking for a broad and hands-on introduction to cloud computing fundamentals in order to support their enterprise’s cloud strategy

  • Architects who need to understand the broad-scale changes to enterprise systems during the migration of heritage applications from on-premise infrastructure to cloud infrastructure

  • Managers and executives who are looking for an introduction to enterprise cloud computing that can be read in one sitting, without glossing over the important details that will make or break a successful enterprise cloud initiative

For developers and architects, this book will also serve as a handy reference while pointing to the deeper learnings required to be successful in building cloud native services and the infrastructure to support them.

The authors are hands-on practitioners who have delivered real-world enterprise cloud systems at scale. With that in mind, this book will also explore changes to enterprise-wide processes and organizational thinking in order to achieve success. An enterprise cloud strategy is not only a purely technical endeavor. Executing a successful cloud migration also requires a refresh of entrenched practices and processes to support a more rapid pace of innovation.

We hope you enjoy reading this book as much as we enjoyed writing it!

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A deep thanks to Larry Simon for his tremendous editing efforts; writing about multiple topics of such broad scope in a concise format is no easy task, and this book wouldn’t have been possible without his tireless help. A big thanks to Oliver White for supporting us in our idea of presenting these topics in a format that can be read in a single sitting. We would also like to thank Hugh McKee, Peter Guagenti, and Edward Hsu for helping us keep our content both correct and enjoyable. Finally, our gratitude to Brian Foster and Jeff Bleiel from O’Reilly for their encouragement and support through the entire writing process.

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