The Business of Educational Apps

Developing educational apps is an exciting and booming market to enter, once you understand the audience and the unique constraints and affordances it presents. In addition to presenting an opportunity to create a business and a profitable product, there's opportunity to engage students and improve education, which are much loftier goals than most industries can offer. Here we outline the factors that make the educational app market different, detailing some challenges developers face and how to mitigate them, pricing models to guide the creation of a business around an app, and other key discussions necessary for working with the educational app market. The educational app market offers interesting development constraints and opportunities, and with the right background knowledge and navigation, a rewarding developing experience.


Like any market, the educational app market comes with its fair share of quirks. While there are many important distinguishing characteristics to the educational app market, here are a few key things to know about this market and its audience (see Figure 11.1).


Figure 11.1 The Educational App Market Is …

… Not Going Anywhere

More money is being spent every year on technology resources in schools, demonstrating a clear trend. “According to a January 2014 report released by the ...

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