Adding Application Keyboard Shortcuts

The Keyboard Shortcuts preferences pane lets you associate a custom shortcut for any menu item in any or all of the applications on your Mac. This feature lets you add a new menu shortcut or override the original keyboard shortcut for a menu item. You can also add shortcuts to individual applications or globally to all applications, as described in the following section.

Adding a shortcut to an application

Apple’s infinitely hackable Calculator (/Applications) offers no keyboard shortcut for turning speech recognition on or off. As Figure 8-5 shows, the two-item Speech menu has no keyboard shortcuts at all. In the following steps, you’ll use the Keyboard Shortcuts preferences to add a shortcut for the Speak Total menu option.

Figure 8-5. The default look for Calculator’s Speech menu.

  1. Quit Calculator with ⌘-Q if it is running. ...

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