© Leon Starr, Andrew Mangogna and Stephen Mellor 2017

Leon Starr, Andrew Mangogna and Stephen Mellor, Models to Code, 10.1007/978-1-4842-2217-1_4

4. Translating the Air Traffic Control Model

Leon Starr, Andrew Mangogna2 and Stephen Mellor1

(1)San Francisco, California, USA

(2)Nipomo, California, USA

We took a tour of the key decisions made during translation of an xUML model in the previous chapter. Now, we get busy making those decisions for the ATC example introduced in Chapter 2. A pycca model script is prepared, and we examine the resulting C code. The subject of this chapter is implementation oriented, and we assume you are familiar with the C language. Space doesn’t permit us to present all of the code here, but if you are interested in reviewing ...

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