Appendix E Liquid-Liquid Equilibria in Binary and Multicomponent Systems

M any liquids are only partially miscible. In this appendix we briefly discuss the thermodynamics of partially miscible liquid systems with particular emphasis on the relation between excess Gibbs energy and mutual solubilities.1

1 For a more detailed review, see J. M. Sørensen, T. Magnussen, P. Rasmussen, and Aa. Fredenslund, 1979, Fluid Phase Equilibria, 2: 297; ibid., 3: 47; ibid., 1980, 4: 351; and J. P. Novak, J. Matous, and J. Pick, 1987, Liquid-Liquid Equilibria, Amsterdam: Elsevier. For a general discussion of thermodynamic stability in muiticomponent systems, see J. W. Tester and M. Modell, 1997, Thermodynamics and Its Applications, 3rd Ed., Englewood Cliffs: ...

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