6.5. XMT-A Format

The XMT-A format provides a direct textual representation of MPEG-4 Systems [MPEG4-1]. At the core of XMT-A is a textual representation of the scene graph of nodes that MPEG-4 has in common with X3D. Not only do MPEG-4 and X3D have most nodes in common, XMT-A and X3D also share compatible textual formats for these nodes. Such compatibility facilitates content interchange and interoperability.

XMT-A contains a direct textual representation of both the MPEG-4 Systems OD framework and the BIFS (see Chapters 3 and 4). The scene description declares the spatial-temporal relationship of audio, visual, and graphics objects. The OD framework specifies the ES resources that provide the time-varying data for the scene and consists of ...

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