Chapter 14

Keeping ’em Sweet: Engaging Your Stakeholders

In This Chapter

arrow Defining a stakeholder

arrow Understanding your stakeholders

arrow Connecting with stakeholders

arrow Reassuring stakeholders

A programme can have a diverse range of stakeholders. Particularly in a large programme, or one that involves fundamental transformational change, stakeholders are naturally extremely interested in how the programme is going and whether or not it's going to be successful.

In this chapter I help you discover your programme stakeholders and describe the relationship they have with your programme's Vision. Thinking about the Vision allows you to understand who the stakeholders are ‒ including their interests and influence ‒ and then communicate effectively with them. I also discuss the documents and areas of focus for different roles relating to stakeholders.

In addition, I look at assurance, because you need to provide reassurance to the diverse range of stakeholders in a programme. As I note in Chapter 13 on quality, I choose to discuss assurance here rather than there because it's done on behalf of stakeholders. ...

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