10.5 OppCast: Main Design

In this section, we describe the components of OppCast. We begin by introducing the FFD and MFR phases from the high level, and then present the underlying OBCF MAC protocol used in relay selection for each transmission. The main notation in this chapter is summarized in Table 10.1.

Table 10.1 Summary of main notation

RCR Relay candidate region
FR The forwarding range (length of forwarder's RCR)
IR The interested region
PRR Packet reception ratio
F A forwarder
G(V, E) The modeled graph of the VANET in IR
Pth The required PRR threshold
d(u, v) Distance between two nodes u and v
Pr(x) Packet reception probability at a distance x
ξ(v) Accumulated packet reception probability (APRP) at node v
E[NT] Expected total number of transmissions
Mell, λ A makeup node at the ellth level and λth branch
Zell, μ A subzone of ellth level and number μ
Well, μ The middle point used to select makeup node M, μ
Δtv The backoff delay of node v for relay contention

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