Adaboost, see Adaptive Boosting (Adaboost)

Adaptive Boosting (Adaboost), 34, 36, 44; see also Classifiers

Adaptive data-hiding method, 220; see also Image steganographic schemes, VQ-based

Adobe PhotoshopTM, 297

Affine-invariant interest point detector, 52

Alattar’s method, 120

ANN, see Artificial neural network (ANN)

AR coefficients, see Autoregressive coefficients (AR coefficients)

Arnold’s cat map, 100; see also Pseudo-random pixel rearrangement algorithm

image rearrangement, 111

multiplication time complexity, 110

transformation, 110, 111

Artificial neural network (ANN), 301

Autoregressive coefficients (AR coefficients), 301


Bag-of-feature method, 55, 56; see also Image categorization

Bayesian classifier, 58

Bag of words (BoW), ...

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