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My Android Phone

Book Description

If you own or are considering a new Android smartphone, My Android Phone is your must-have companion.
Full-color, step-by-step tasks walk you through getting and keeping your Android 5 (Lollipop) phone working just the way you want. Learn how to:

•  Master Android 5’s new tools, improved interface, and best shortcuts
•  Quickly set up your phone, Google account, and Wi-Fi connection
•  Play and organize all your media: music, photos, YouTube videos, movie rentals, eBooks, and more
•  Efficiently manage your life: contacts, events, and more
•  Connect securely via VPNs
•  Link to nearby Android devices via Wi-Fi Direct
•  Use one app to manage all your email accounts, not just Gmail
•  Discover today’s fastest Chrome web browser shortcuts
•  Bookmark and share the sites you visit
•  Browse the web “incognito,” without leaving evidence on your phone
•  Use Google Maps and Google Now to find any destination
•  Discover great new apps and games in the Google Play Store--even great freebies
•  Create amazing images with Panorama and Photo Spheres
•  Customize everything from ringtones to wallpaper and widgets
•  Use Google Wallet to pay for items and send or receive money
•  Optimize battery life and uncover apps that are draining power
•  Control data usage to avoid costly overages
•  Use your phone with a new Android Wear smartwatch

Table of Contents

  1. About This eBook
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Contents at a Glance
  5. Table of Contents
  6. About the Author
  7. Dedication
  8. Acknowledgments
  9. We Want to Hear from You!
  10. Reader Services
  11. P. Getting to Know Your Android Phone
    1. Your Android Phone’s External Features
      1. Front
      2. Back
    2. First-Time Setup
    3. Fundamentals of Android 5.0 (Lollipop)
      1. The Lock Screen
      2. The Home Screen
      3. The System Bar
      4. Using Your Touchscreen
      5. Using Your Keyboard
      6. Edit Text
      7. Menus
      8. Switch Between Apps
      9. Run Multiple Apps on the Screen at the Same Time (Samsung Only)
    4. Setting Up Multiple Users on Your Phone
      1. Add a New Phone User
      2. Add a Phone Guest User
    5. Installing Synchronization Software
      1. Install Android File Transfer (Apple Mac OS X)
      2. Install Google Music Manager (Apple Mac)
      3. Install Google Music Manager (Windows)
      4. Configure Music Manager (Windows and Apple Mac)
    6. Freeing Up Memory
      1. Move Apps
  12. 1. Phone, SMS, and MMS
    1. Using the Phone App
      1. Make a Call
      2. Receive a Call
      3. Handle a Missed Call
      4. Make a Conference Call
      5. Configure the Phone App
    2. Using SMS and MMS
      1. Get to Know the Messenger App
      2. Manage Settings for the Messenger App
      3. Compose a Message
      4. Attach a File to a Message
      5. Receive a Message
  13. 2. Contacts
    1. Adding Accounts
      1. Add a Work Email Account
    2. Navigating Contacts
      1. Navigate Contacts
    3. Adding and Managing Contacts
      1. Add Contacts from an Email
      2. Add a Contact Manually
      3. Add a Contact from a vCard
      4. Edit a Contact
      5. Add a Contact Photo
      6. Customize Contacts Settings
      7. Manage Contact Groups
      8. Choose Contacts to Display
      9. Join and Separate Contacts
    4. Adding a Contact to Your Home Screen
  14. 3. Audio, Video, and Movies
    1. Using Google Play Music
      1. Find Music
      2. Purchase Music
      3. Add Your Existing Music to Google Play Music
      4. Use the Google Play Music App
      5. Work with Instant Mixes
      6. Control Playback
      7. Work and Listen to Music
      8. Listen to Music with No Wireless Coverage
      9. Change Google Play Music Settings
    2. Recording Videos with the Camera Application
      1. Record Video
      2. Change Video Settings
      3. Play Videos
      4. Share Videos
      5. Delete Videos
      6. Change Photos App Settings
    3. Managing Movies and TV Shows
      1. Buy and Rent Movies
      2. Buy TV Shows
      3. Use the Play Movies & TV App
      4. Copy Videos from Your Computer
    4. Watching Videos with YouTube
      1. Navigate the YouTube Main Screen
      2. Navigate the YouTube App
      3. Play a Video
      4. Upload a Video
      5. Change YouTube Settings
  15. 4. Connecting to Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and VPNs
    1. Connecting to Bluetooth Devices
      1. Pair with a New Bluetooth Device
      2. Manage Extra Bluetooth Options
      3. Change Bluetooth Device Options
    2. Working with Wi-Fi
      1. Connect to Wi-Fi
      2. Adjust Wi-Fi Network Options
      3. Set Advanced Wi-Fi Options
    3. Managing Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)
      1. Add a VPN
      2. Connect to a VPN
    4. Managing Near Field Communications (NFCs)
      1. Enable NFC and Android Beam
      2. Use Android Beam to Send Links to Content
      3. Use Android Beam to Send Real Files
    5. Managing Cellular Network Settings
      1. Change Mobile Settings
    6. Using Your Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot
      1. Set Up and Start Your Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot
  16. 5. Email
    1. Adding Accounts to Gmail
      1. Start Setting Up Accounts
      2. Add a Google Account
      3. Add a New POP3 or IMAP Account
      4. Add a Work Email Account
    2. Using the Gmail App
      1. Navigate the Gmail App
      2. Compose an Email
      3. Read an Email
      4. Customize Gmail App Settings
  17. 6. Browsing the Web with Chrome
    1. Navigating with Chrome
      1. Get Started with Chrome
      2. Use Web Page and Chrome Options
      3. Master Chrome Browser Tricks
    2. Managing Bookmarks and History
      1. Manage Bookmarks
      2. Manage Browsing History
    3. Customizing Browser Settings
  18. 7. Google Now and Navigation
    1. Using Google Now
      1. Use Google Now
      2. Set Up Google Now
    2. Navigating with Google Maps
      1. Get Directions
      2. Configure Google Maps Settings
      3. Use Offline Google Maps
  19. 8. Working with Date, Time, and Calendar
    1. Setting the Date and Time
    2. Using the Clock App
      1. Navigate the Clock App
      2. Manage Alarms
      3. Adjust Clock Settings
    3. Using the Calendar App
      1. Get to Know the Calendar Main Screen
      2. Adjust Calendar Settings
      3. Use Quick Responses
      4. Add a New Event
      5. Respond to an Event Invitation
  20. 9. Working with Android Apps
    1. Configuring Google Wallet
    2. Finding and Installing Apps
      1. Navigate Google Play
      2. Install Free Apps
      3. Buy Apps
      4. Manage Apps
      5. Adjust Google Play Store Settings
  21. 10. Customizing Your Android Phone
    1. Changing Your Wallpaper
      1. Select Wallpaper from Pictures in the Photos App
      2. Use Live Wallpaper
      3. Choose Wallpaper
    2. Changing Your Keyboard
      1. Choose a New Keyboard
    3. Adding Widgets to Your Home Screens
      1. Add a Widget
      2. Remove and Move a Widget
    4. Customizing Language
      1. Choose a Different Language
    5. Adjusting Accessibility Settings
      1. Manage Accessibility Settings
    6. Modifying Sound and Notification Settings
      1. Modify Sound and Notification Settings
    7. Changing Display Settings
    8. Changing Security Settings
  22. 11. Google Wallet
    1. Setting Up Google Wallet
    2. Adding Methods of Payment
      1. Add a Credit Card or Checking Account
    3. Using Loyalty and Gift Cards
      1. Add an Existing Gift Card
      2. Add an Existing Loyalty Card
    4. Using Google Wallet
    5. Changing Google Wallet Settings
    6. Sending and Receiving Money
      1. Send Money
      2. Request Money
  23. 12. Books and Magazines
    1. Purchasing Books
      1. Navigate the Play Books App
      2. Buy Books
      3. Reading Books
    2. Purchasing Magazines and Newspapers
      1. Purchase or Subscribe to Publications
      2. Read a Publication
  24. 13. Maintaining Your Android Phone and Solving Problems
    1. Updating Android
    2. Optimizing Battery Life
      1. Look After the Battery
      2. Determine What Is Using the Battery
    3. Controlling Apps and Memory
    4. Checking and Controlling Data Usage
      1. Set a Data Usage Warning
      2. Set a Data Usage Limit
    5. Caring for the Android Phone’s Exterior
    6. Getting Help with Your Android Phone
  25. 14. Taking and Managing Pictures
    1. Using the Camera
      1. Adjust Camera Settings
      2. Take Regular Pictures
      3. Take Panoramic Pictures
      4. Take Photo Sphere (360 Panoramic) Pictures
      5. Take Lens Blur Pictures
    2. Viewing and Managing Your Photos
      1. Navigate Photos
      2. Delete Photo Albums
      3. Review and Share Pictures
      4. Edit Pictures
      5. Modify Photos App Settings
    3. Managing Photos with Your Computer
      1. Manually Manage Pictures
      2. Automatically Manage Pictures on a Mac
    4. Synchronizing Pictures Using Your Google Cloud
  26. 15. Using Your Android Phone with an Android Wear Smartwatch
    1. Setting Up Your Android Wear Watch
    2. Choosing Settings for Your Android Wear Watch
      1. Navigate the Android Wear App
    3. Using Your Android Wear Watch
      1. Navigate Your Watch
      2. Use Your Watch and Run Watch Apps
      3. Use Watch Functions and Watch Apps
  27. Index