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My Apple Watch, Second Edition

Book Description

Step-by-step instructions with callouts to Apple Watch screenshots that show you exactly what to do.

Help when you run into problems or limitations.

Tips and Notes to help you get the most from your Apple Watch.

Full-color, step-by-step tasks walk you through everything you want to do with your Apple Watch. Learn how to

  • Reply to emails with your voice

  • Navigate using public transit, walking, or driving directions

  • Use your Watch as a nightstand clock

  • Create new watch faces and customize existing ones

  • Customize what apps appear in Glances, what notifications you receive, and how your Apple Watch interacts with your iPhone

  • Set up and use Apple Pay

  • Use Siri to take actions on your behalf

  • Send Digital Touch sketches, taps, or your own heartbeat

  • Install and manage Apple Watch apps

  • Connect your Apple Watch to a Bluetooth headset or speaker

  • Play music from your Apple Watch, or just control the music on your iPhone

  • Control your iPhone’s camera from your Apple Watch

  • Keep track of your workouts, exercise, and calorie usage

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    Table of Contents

    1. About This eBook
    2. Title Page
    3. Copyright Page
    4. Contents at a Glance
    5. Table of Contents
    6. About the Author
    7. Dedication Page
    8. Acknowledgments
    9. We Want to Hear from You!
    10. Reader Services
    11. Prologue. Getting to Know Your Apple Watch
      1. Your Apple Watch’s External Features
        1. Front and Right Side
        2. Back
      2. First-Time Setup
      3. Learning How to Use Your Apple Watch
        1. Use the Digital Crown
        2. Use the Side Button
        3. Use the Touchscreen
        4. Use the Lock Screen
      4. Interacting with the Watch Face
        1. Work with Notifications
        2. Use Glances
        3. Run an App
        4. Quickly Access Your Friends
        5. Command Your Watch Using Siri
    12. 1. Personalizing Your Apple Watch
      1. Choosing and Customizing Your Watch Face
        1. Choose a New Watch Face
        2. Customize an Existing Watch Face
        3. Create a New Version of an Existing Watch Face
        4. Delete a Watch Face
      2. Using the Photo Album and Photo Watch Faces
        1. Synchronize a Photo Album
        2. Change Overall Watch Face Functionality
      3. Rearranging App Icons and Activating Airplane Mode
        1. Move App Icons
        2. Configure Do Not Disturb
        3. Coordinate Airplane Mode
      4. Managing Glances
        1. Rearranging Glances
        2. Add Glances
      5. Configuring General Watch Settings
        1. Change General Settings
        2. Add Accessibility
      6. Changing Screen, Sound, and Haptics Settings
        1. Adjust Brightness and Text Size
        2. Adjust Sounds and Haptics
        3. Control Notifications
      7. Changing Passcode-Related Settings
      8. Configuring Motion and Fitness Privacy Settings
      9. Changing Settings for Built-in Watch Apps
        1. Activity
        2. Calendar
        3. Clock
        4. Contacts
        5. Friends
        6. Mail
        7. Maps
        8. Messages
        9. Music
        10. Wallet and Apple Pay
        11. Phone
        12. Photos
        13. Stocks
        14. Weather
        15. Workout
      10. Change Settings for Third-Party Watch Apps
    13. 2. Messages, Emails, and Phone Calls
      1. Working with Messages
        1. Read and Respond to Messages from Notifications
        2. Read and Respond to Messages from the Messages App
        3. Compose a New Message from the Messages App
        4. Compose a New Message from the Friends List
      2. Using Digital Touch
        1. Send a Digital Touch
        2. Receive a Digital Touch
      3. Working with Email
        1. Read Email from Within a Notification
        2. Reply To Email from Within a Notification
        3. Dictate Your Response
        4. Respond Using an Emoji
        5. Use the Mail App
      4. Make and Receive Phone Calls
        1. Handle an Incoming Call
        2. Options During a Call
        3. Use the Phone App
        4. Use Your Favorites
        5. Manage Recent Calls
        6. Place a Call from Your Contacts
        7. Manage Voicemail
    14. 3. Using Siri
      1. Activating Siri
        1. Raise Your Wrist
        2. Press the Digital Crown
      2. Using Siri
        1. Time-Related Requests
        2. Informational Requests
    15. 4. Using Apple Maps
      1. Launching Maps
        1. Search for a Place and Get Directions to It
        2. Hand Off Directions Between Your iPhone and Watch
        3. Stick a Pin in the Map
        4. Get Directions to One of Your Contacts
        5. View Information About a Landmark
      2. Get Transit Directions
    16. 5. Playing Music
      1. Finding and Playing Music
        1. My Music
      2. Controlling Playback
        1. Use the Playback Controls to Play, Pause, and Jump to Other Songs
        2. Use Additional Playback Controls to Repeat, Shuffle, and Play Music on Other Devices
      3. Playing Music from Your Apple Watch
        1. Creating a Playlist on Your iPhone
        2. Synchronize a Playlist to Your Watch
        3. Pair a Bluetooth Device
        4. Play a Playlist on Your Watch
    17. 6. Using Apple Pay
      1. Adding Cards to Apple Pay
      2. Pay with your Watch
    18. 7. Using Your Watch to Stay Active
      1. Becoming Familiar with the Activity App
        1. Navigate the Activity App on Your Watch
        2. Change Your Move Goal
        3. Use the Activity App on your iPhone
      2. Using the Workout App
        1. Choose a Type of Workout and Start Your Workout
        2. View Information and End Your Workout
      3. Using the Health App
        1. Choose Health Sources
        2. View the Health Data
    19. 8. Installing and Managing Watch Apps
      1. Finding Watch Apps
      2. Installing Watch Apps
      3. Managing Your Watch Apps
        1. Choose Watch Apps to Install or Uninstall
        2. Rearrange App Icons
        3. Decide Whether Apps Should Automatically Install
        4. Change App Notification Settings
    20. 9. Using Other Watch Apps
      1. Using Media-Related Apps
        1. Control Your Apple TV or Mac
        2. Control Pandora
        3. Control Your iPhone’s Camera
      2. Using Social Media Apps
        1. Using Instagram
        2. Using Twitter
      3. Using Time- and Date-Related Apps
        1. Start a Timer
        2. Use the Stopwatch
        3. See the Time Around the World
        4. Managing Alarms
        5. See the Weather Around the World
        6. Check on Your Schedule
    21. 10. Useful Watch Apps
      1. Calling an Uber Car
      2. Calculating the Tip Using Calcbot
      3. Finding a Starbucks and Checking Your Rewards
      4. Translating Your Words
      5. Working with Email Using Outlook
        1. Read Email As It Arrives
        2. Read Emails From the Outlook App
      6. Using Evernote
      7. Controlling Your PowerPoint Presentation
    22. Index