Chapter 11. Building an ERP Roadmap

In This Chapter

  • Starting with business goals

  • Taking advantage of industry solution maps

  • Exploring the ESA Adoption Program

  • Using SAP Solution Manager to manage change

If you've read bits and pieces of this book, you've probably picked up quite a bit about the features of mySAP ERP, SAP NetWeaver, and the whole service-enabled approach to your enterprise. But what will the experience of implementing mySAP ERP in your organization be like?

To give you a peek into the ERP implementation experience, this chapter covers some specific SAP programs and features that help you through the process after you've made the decision to go with mySAP ERP. Your account executive at SAP can guide you to more detail about these programs and tell you how to tap into them.

Zeroing in on Business Goals

Over the years, SAP has talked with a lot — and we mean a lot — of businesses. In doing so, it has gained tons of insight into how various industries do what they do. SAP has documented best practices and worked with partners to define useful services and tools. All this wisdom is available for you in the business process platform they have built.

As we've said many times in this book, the key to an effective, innovative enterprise isn't technology: It's an understanding of your business processes. To make Web services a reality in your corporate backyard, you need to bring technology and business together in a business process platform (see Figure 11-1). That platform consists ...

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