Report 1: Tabular

This report in Listing 12.4 is a simple tabular report that uses a modified version of the “The Data Display Control (DDC)” from Chapters 8, “Commission Calculations Abstract and Design,” 9, “Constructing the Commissions Application,” and 10, “Commission Calculations Deployment.” In this incarnation, it will not be dynamically created and destroyed as it was in the WCA application, but instead it will query and display the data once as stated by the report definition (“show top salespeople”).

Listing 12.4. ddc.c for the Tabular Report; Updated from the ddc In Chapter 9
						/* The following line is needed for compilation
						* on Windows - comment the line out for Linux gcc.
						*/ //#include <windows.h> #ifdef HAVE_CONFIG_H # include ...

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