Chapter 2. MySQL Replicant Library

Automating administrative procedures is critical to handling large deployments, so you might be asking, “Wouldn’t it be neat if we could automate the procedures in this book?” In many cases, you’ll be happy to hear that you can. This chapter introduces the MySQL Replicant library, a simple library written by the authors for managing replication. We describe the basic principles and classes, and will extend the library with new functionality in the coming chapters.

The code is available at Launchpad, where you can find more information and download the source code and documentation.

The Replicant library is based around the idea of creating a model of the connections between servers on a computer (any computer, such as your laptop), like the model in Figure 2-1. The library is designed so you can manage the connections by changing the model. For example, to reconnect a slave to another master, just reconnect the slave in the model, and the library will send the appropriate commands ...

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