Probably the most widely used SNMP implementation for Linux and other UNIX systems is NET-SNMP [106] and was originally conceived at Carnegie-Mellon University Wes Hardaker, a system administrator at the University of California in Davis, continued developing the code and first published it under the name UCD-SNMP (Version 3.0).

With version 5.0 the project finally got the name NET-SNMP. But various distributions still call the package UCD-SNMP, in part because it contains version 4.2, in part because the maintainer has simply not gotten around to renaming it.

NET-SNMP consists of a set of command line tools, a graphical browser (tkmib), an agent (snmpd, see 11.2.2 The NET-SNMP daemon in page 238) and a library, which now forms the ...

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