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Nature Photography: Insider Secrets from the World’s Top Digital Photography Professionals

Book Description

Have you ever wondered what it is that professional photographers do day in and day out that enables them to take consistently compelling images? Or thought that unravelling the insider secrets of the professionals could inspire you? Nature Photography: Insider Secrets from the World's Top Digital Photography Professionals takes a contemporary and innovative approach to revealing the day-to-day habits of the world's most successful wildlife, landscape and macro photographers, divulging the core skills and techniques through which they excel.

This book is crammed full with expert advice taken from the world's leading pros directly from the field. It will empower the development of your skills to a professional level and fire your imagination. Starting with the basics of how to plan a rewarding field trip, whether locally or afar, for one day or a month, and covering all aspects of camera handling and photographic technique including: how to make perfect exposures every time, ensure pin-sharp images of moving subjects, decipher the complexities of camera menus and controls, and break through the mysteries of composition.

And, having learned the secrets to success, the book maps out some simple yet powerful photo exercises and self-assignments to encourage you to explore all facets of digital photography and put into practice the essential skills that will make you, too, a highly successful photographer.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Half Title
  3. Full Title
  4. Copyright
  5. Contents
  6. The Professionals
  7. Habit one Plan for the Perfect Picture
    1. Research and Planning
    2. Know Your Subject
    3. Visualization and the Art of Seeing
    4. Pack for the Picture You Want
  8. Habit Two Know Your Camera
    1. Camera Controls and What They Do
    2. Image File Type
    3. White Balance
    4. ISO (Amplifi cation)
    5. Exposure Mode
    6. Using the Histogram and Highlights Information Screens
    7. Focus Mode
    8. Using the Menu System
    9. Advanced Menu Options and Custom Settings
    10. Using Modern Lenses
    11. Camera Handling
  9. Habit Three See What Your Camera Sees
    1. Light: Photographers' Paint
    2. Contrast: When the World Turns Gray
    3. Through the Lens: A Camera's Eye View
  10. Habit Four Take Control of Your Camera
    1. Managing Light
    2. Painting with Light
    3. Understanding Exposure
    4. Exposure and Contrast
    5. Expose for the Highlights, Process for the Shadows: The Digital Exposure Mantra
    6. When to Use Specific Metering Modes
    7. When to Use Which Exposure Mode
    8. ISO Relationship to Exposure
    9. Applying White Balance for Artistic Effect
    10. Choosing the Right Lens for the Occasion
    11. Using Auto-Focus Eff ectively
  11. Habit Five Learn the Rules (and When NOT to Apply Them)
    1. Learning the Art of Omission
    2. Designing a Photographic Image
    3. The Psychology of Design and Its Role in Composition
    4. Creating a Sense of Depth
    5. Six Rules of Nature Photography... and When to Break Them
  12. Habit Six Capture the Moment (Putting Everything into Practice)
    1. What Makes a Compelling Image?
    2. Two Questions to Ask Before Pressing the Shutter
    3. Defining your Subject
    4. The Making of 15 Best-Selling Images
  13. Habit Seven Practice (Makes Perfect)
    1. Armchair Exercises to Keep You Photographically Fit
    2. Ten Photo Workouts to Get You Shooting Like a Pro
    3. Six Photo Projects to Inspire You
    4. Planning Your Own Assignments
  14. Index