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Negotiating with Backbone: Eight Sales Strategies to Defend Your Price and Value, Second Edition

Book Description

B2B sales professionals: resist mindless discounting, level the playing field against tough procurement organizations, and close the deal on your terms! Negotiating with Backbone, Second Edition definitive guide for every sales pro facing the “procurement buzzsaw” – and it’s just been updated with even more powerful strategies and techniques! Where traditional purchasing managers negotiated, procurement officials seek to dictate, through multiple tactics with a single intent: to gain unprecedented discounts and concessions. Premier pricing strategist and sales consultant Reed K. Holden gives you the powerful new strategies and tactics you need to protect your margins and get the right deal. Holden guides you through recognizing what purchasing negotiators are really up to, keep value at the forefront of negotiations, and avoiding the mindless discounting that wrecks profitability. Holden details eight strategies for all types of pricing negotiations, including approaches for negotiating with price buyers, relationship buyers, value buyers, and poker players, reverse auctions, and much more. In this Second Edition, he offers extensive new coverage of establishing your foundation of value, and developing crucial give-get options, including value-added services. This book will be an invaluable resource for every B2B sales professional, customer-facing professional, and every executive responsible for leading successful sales organizations.

Table of Contents

  1. Title Page
  2. Contents
  3. Introduction
  4. Part I: The Great Game of Procurement
    1. 1. Tough Selling—The New Normal
      1. “Do You Know What the Stomp Is?”
      2. The Rise of Procurement
      3. The Myth of the Economic Buyer
      4. Traditional Solutions Don’t Work
      5. The Root Causes to Avoid
      6. It Will Work
    2. 2. Buyer Tells
      1. To Them It’s a Game
      2. Recognizing “Tells”
      3. Types of Tells
      4. Evaluating Procurement’s Position
      5. Dealing with Procurement Styles
    3. 3. The Basics of the Game
      1. Understand Your Customer’s Game
      2. Find Your Hidden Power
      3. Qualify, Qualify, Qualify
      4. Avoid the Endowment Effect
      5. Map the Buying Center
      6. Where Appropriate, Build Trust
      7. Delay, Delay, Delay
      8. Do Your Homework
    4. 4. Understand Your Foundation of Value
      1. Financial Value
      2. Having Value Conversations
      3. Making Value Real for Salespeople (You!)
      4. The Value of Trust and Risk
    5. 5. Develop Give-Gets
      1. One Size Never Fits All
      2. Strong Fences
  5. Part II: Eight Knock-’em-Dead Scenarios for Winning the Game
    1. Seller’s Position
    2. 6. Negotiating with Price Buyers
      1. Price Buyers
      2. Scenario 1: The Penny Pincher
      3. The Winner’s Curse
      4. Price Buyers in Trouble
      5. Scenario 2: The Scout
    3. 7. Negotiating with Relationship Buyers
      1. Relationship Buyers
      2. Scenario 3: In The Pack
      3. Scenario 4: The Patient Outsider
    4. 8. Negotiating with Value Buyers
      1. Value Buyers
      2. Scenario 5: The Player
      3. Scenario 6: The Crafty Outsider
    5. 9. Negotiating with Poker Players
      1. Feedback is a Gift
      2. Poker Players
      3. Scenario 7: The Advantaged Player
      4. Scenario 8: The Rabbit
      5. Beware Red Flags
      6. Advanced Gamesmanship for the Rabbit
  6. Part III: It’s a Negotiation, Not a Surrender
    1. 10. Advanced Gamesmanship
      1. Get a Devil’s Advocate
      2. Limiting Exposure of Senior Executives
      3. Firing the Customer
      4. Brinkmanship
      5. Redefine Risk
      6. Dealing with Reverse Auctions
    2. 11. The Realities of the Game
      1. Sometimes You Have to Discount
      2. Remember a Simple Checklist
      3. Don’t Be a Victim
      4. Develop Coaches
      5. Get Some Backbone
    3. Afterword: The Now and Future Sales Opportunity