IDL custom attribute recognized by type library importer, 692–693

IDL definition of IHTMLStyleSheet interface, 988–989

IDL definition of IRunningAppCollection, 975–976

IDL definition of the IWMPEffects interface, 964

IDL definitions of INetMeetingEvents dispinterface and INetMeeting interface, 1007–1008

IDL representation of the AddressLists dispinterface, 982

IDL Representation of Two Modules, 187–188

IEnumVARIANT parameters transformed to IEnumerator types, 153

implementing System.Reflection.Ireflect, 668–672

implementing two COM interfaces, 636, 643–646

Importer.cs., 1070–1083

Incorrect C# Source Code, 546–547

Instantiating a Remote COM Object, 871, 873–874

Interface Hierarchy Exported to COM, 744–746

IntroScreen.cs., 1156–1157

Invoking an ...

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