Appendix A. .NET Languages

This appendix contains two lists of languages (Microsoft-supported and third party) with compilers that generate IL to target the CLR.

Microsoft-Supported Languages for .NET

Table A-1 lists commercial languages that Microsoft supports. You can find more information about each of these languages by browsing the provided URLs.

Table A-1. Microsoft-supported languages for .NET



Visual C# .NET

Visual J# .NET (Java)

Visual C++ .NET (Managed C++)

Visual Basic .NET

JScript for the CLR

Third-Party Languages for .NET

Table A-2 shows a list of third-party languages with compilers that target the CLR. Some of these are research languages, while others are commercial languages that target .NET. Browse the provided web sites to read more about the languages that interest you. As noted earlier, this list of languages could grow by the time this book hits the market, so be sure to check the following site for the most up-to-date listings:

Table A-2. Third-party languages





Component Pascal

Delta Forth ...

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