Appendix B. MPLS QoS, Traffic Engineering, and Guaranteed Bandwidth

This appendix covers topics related to quality of service (QoS) on Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) networks in more detail than Chapter 10, “Quality of Service in a Virtualized Environment” (where they were originally presented). This appendix discusses the following:

  • Uniform tunnel and pipe mode

  • MPLS traffic engineering

  • Guaranteed bandwidth

MPLS QoS—Uniform Tunnel and Pipe Modes

In uniform tunnel mode, any changes to a packet’s differentiated services code points (DSCPs) are permanent, as shown in Figure B-1 and discussed in the following list:

  1. A packet arrives at link switched router (LSR) A with a DSCP setting of 3. The switch policy determines that the appropriate Expedited ...

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