Chapter 1. Introduction to Computer Networks

Chapter Outline

1-1 Introduction

1-2 Network Topologies

1-3 The OSI Model

1-4 The Ethernet LAN

1-5 Home Networking

1-6 Assembling an Office LAN

1-7 Testing and Troubleshooting a LAN


Questions and Problems


  • Explain the various LAN topologies

  • Define the function of a networking protocol

  • Describe CSMA/CD for the Ethernet protocol

  • Describe the structure of the Ethernet frame

  • Define the function of the network interface card

  • Describe the purpose of the MAC address on a networking device

  • Discuss how to determine the MAC address for a computer

  • Discuss the fundamentals of IP addressing

  • Discuss the issues of configuring a home network

  • Discuss the issue of assembling an office LAN

Key Terms ...

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