Chapter 7. Introduction to Switch Configuration

Chapter Outline

7-1 Introduction

7-2 Introduction to VLANs

7-3 Introduction to Switch Configuration

7-4 Spanning-Tree Protocol

7-5 Network Management

7-6 Power over Ethernet

7-7 Switch Security


Questions and Problems


  • Be able to identify and describe the three types of VLANs

  • Discuss two ways of establishing VLAN membership

  • Understand how to use commands to configure a network switch

  • Be able to explain the steps for configuring a static VLAN

  • Explain the purpose of Spanning-Tree Protocol

  • Discuss the purpose of the five Spanning-Tree Protocol states

  • Understand how to use SNMP tools for network management

  • Discuss the advantages of using Power over Ethernet

  • Understand best practices ...

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