Managing the Network Infrastructure

Chapter Outline

10-1 Introduction

10-2 Domain Name and IP Address Assignment

10-3 IP Address Management with DHCP

10-4 Scaling a Network with NAT and PAT

10-5 Domain Name System (DNS)

10-6 Network Management Protocols

10-7 Analyzing Network Traffic

10-8 Network Analyzer: Wireshark

10-9 Analyzing Computer Networks: FTP Data Packets

10-10 Troubleshooting IP Networks


Questions and Problems


  • Describe the purpose of a remote access server

  • Describe Metro Ethernet and Carrier Ethernet and related services types

  • Describe the purpose of DHCP and DNS network services

  • Discuss Internet routing with BGP

  • Describe Internet data traffic

Key Terms

wide area network (WAN)




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