Chapter 15

Creating an Intranet


Getting acquainted with intranets

Finding good uses for intranets

Figuring out what you need to set up an intranet

Setting up an IIS web server

Setting up a simple intranet

Managing IIS

No, I’m not mispronouncing Internet, although an intranet is similar to the Internet, but with a twist. Rather than connect your computer to millions of other computers around the world, an intranet connects your computer to other computers in your company or organization. How is an intranet different from your ordinary, run-of-the-mill network? Read on, and I’ll explain.

Defining an Intranet

Everyone knows that the Internet is the best thing since fried Twinkies. Millions upon millions of computer users surf the web every day, searching for information, sharing stuff, downloading files, and doing all the things that people do these days on the Internet.

Companies realized long ago that such a platform would help employees share and access data and documents. But understandably, not many companies wanted their proprietary and private info all over the Internet. So ingenious network managers at large companies figured out that although “the” web is a great conduit for distributing public information around the world, “a” web — a private internal web — is even better for distributing sensitive information within a company. Thus, the idea of intranets was born. An intranet is simply a network that’s built by using the same tools and protocols that ...

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