MAC addresses

    data link layer and, 23

    in Ethernet frame, 182

    network addressing, 8

    parts in assigning, 41

    resolving to IP addresses, 237

    risks related to unsecured home networks, 458

MAC (media access control)

    100VG-AnyLAN sublayers, 203–204

    comparing Token Ring and Ethernet, 209

    CSMA/CD and, 166

    FDDI sublayers, 224–228

    frames, 108–110

    for full-duplex flow control, 188

    Gigabit Ethernet, 196–198

    IEEE 802.3 standard, 167

    networking and, 8

    NIC functions, 40

    overview of, 110–111

    physical layer specifications, 19

    securing business networks, 455

    securing home networks, ...

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