Individual ICs are listed in the Appendix. They are listed in numerical order (disregarding sub-family letter codes) with the number of the chapter which contains their description and functional diagram.

‘4000’-series ICs, 12, 28–9, 50–75
See also 4007UB IC, CMOS ICs
‘4500’-series ICs, 12
‘555’-series ICs, 163–4
‘74’-series ICs:
basics, 18–19
choice of sub-family, 29–30
CMOS sub-families, 58–9
CMOS/TTL characteristics compared, 27, 30
identification codes, 19–21
TTL-CMOS characteristics compared, 27, 28–30
TTL sub-families, 21–6
4007UB IC:
digital characteristics, 77–9
digital circuits
astable, 92–5
gate, 86–8
inverter, 77–9, 84–6
ring-of-three, 92–5
linear characteristics, ...

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