In the final section of this chapter we now turn to the challenges facing the mobile operators in order that we can take these into consideration when constructing an approach towards building mobile services, or towards building the underlying technologies that the services utilise.

Figure 4.13 shows us the ‘old-world view’ of the network operator, which stemmed from a very simple business model. The operator builds a cellular network and sells mobiles that work on the network. The owners of the mobiles get billed for using it in a very straightforward manner, such as charged according to time spent using the network (i.e. ‘talk time’).


Figure 4.13 Operator ‘old-world’ view.


Figure 4.14 Operator ‘new-world’ view.

Figure 4.14 show us the ‘new-world view’ that the operator has stumbled into. Suddenly, there are a lot more things to cope with. In terms of the key challenges facing the operator, the following list is worth reflecting upon:

  • Give users something interesting to use and pay for
    • Not necessarily what they ‘want’,– as they don't know what it is they want yet (creativity is required!)
    • Compelling enough to generate revenue
  • Balance service delivery and subscriber demand with capital expenditure on the service delivery platform
  • Cope with uncertainty ...

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