Chapter 10. Ten Fun and Practical Retouch Menu Features

In This Chapter

  • Removing red-eye

  • Tweaking exposure and color

  • Creating a black-and-white version of a photo

  • Fooling around with some special effects

  • Cropping away excess background

Every photographer produces a clunker image now and then. When it happens to you, don't be too quick to reach for the Delete button, because many common problems are surprisingly easy to fix. In fact, you often can repair your photos right in the camera, thanks to tools found on the Retouch menu. You can even create some special effects with a couple of the menu options.

Ten Fun and Practical Retouch Menu Features

This chapter offers step-by-step recipes for using ten of these photo-repair and enhancement features. Additionally, I received special dispensation from the For Dummies folks to start things off with an additional section that summarizes tips that relate to all the Retouch menu options. In the words of Nigel Tufnel from the legendary rock band Spinal Tap, "This one goes to 11!"

Applying the Retouch Menu Filters

You can get to the Retouch menu features in two ways:

  • Display the menu and select the tool you want to use, as shown on the left in Figure 10-1, and press OK. You're then presented with thumbnails of your photos, as shown on the right in the figure. Use the Multi Selector to move the yellow highlight box over the photo you want to adjust and press OK. You next see options related to the ...

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