Decoding the Displays

Your D600 gives you three ways to monitor critical picture-taking settings:


Figure 1-11: Rotate the On/Off switch to the light bulb position to illuminate the Control panel.

  • Control panel: The LCD panel on top of the camera offers an array of shooting data, as shown in Figure 1-11. The data that appears depends on what camera features you're currently using.

    images You can illuminate the panel temporarily by rotating the On/ Off switch past the On position to the little light bulb marker, labeled in the figure, and then releasing the switch.

  • images Information display: If your eyesight is like mine, making out the tiny type on the Control panel can be difficult. Fortunately, you can press the Info button on the back of the camera to display the Information screen on the monitor. As shown in Figure 1-12, this screen displays the current shooting settings at a size that's easier on the eyes. Like the Control panel, the Information screen data varies depending on what shooting settings are currently in force.


    Figure 1-12: Press the Info button to view picture-taking settings ...

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