Changing the Behavior of the Command Dials

Through the Customize Command Dials option, found on the Controls section of the Custom Setting menu and shown in Figure 10-16, you can control several aspects of how the command dials behave, as follows:

  • Reverse Rotation: At the default setting, Off, the dials work as indicated throughout this book and the camera manual when you make adjustments to Exposure Compensation, shutter speed, or aperture. That is, rotating the dial to the right results in a higher value, rotating to the left lowers the value.

    You can reverse this behavior for Exposure Compensation and shutter/ aperture control separately. Highlight Reverse Rotation and press the Multi Selector right. To reverse the orientation for one of the settings, highlight it and press the Multi Selector right. Then highlight Done at the top of the screen and press OK.

  • Change Main/Sub: This setting controls which dial you use to adjust aperture and shutter speed. After highlighting the setting, press the Multi Selector right to uncover these options:
    • Off: This setting is the default. The Main command dial adjusts shutter speed, and the Sub-command dial controls aperture.
    • On (Mode A): Choose this setting if you want to use the Main command dial to adjust the f-stop when you shoot in the A exposure mode.
    • On: This setting reverses the dials for the S, A, and M exposure modes. You use the Sub-command dial to adjust shutter speed in the M and S modes and use the Main command dial to adjust ...

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