2D data
algorithms for NPR and, 18
encoding selected 3-D information for, 18, 19
G-buffer for edge detection, 18, 19
procedural screening and, 50
2½D data structures, 183–201
3D parameters for 2D dithering, 194–199
for comprehensible rendering, 188–191
defined, 18
for edge detection, 18, 19
G-buffers overview, 183–188
for interactive painting, 191–194
See also G-buffers
3D data
encoding information for 2-D data structures, 18, 20
procedural screening and, 52
3D parameters for 2D dithering, 194–199
depth perception and depth cues, 197–199
distinguishing objects in a scene, 196–197, 198
G-buffer types for, 196
See also G-buffers


Absolute brightness, relative brightness vs., 377–379
abstract data type
data portion of, ...

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