Chapter 4Multifunction Antenna System Concepts:Opportunity for Ultra-wideband Radars?1




4.1. Multifunction radio frequency (RF) systems

4.1.1. Multimission platforms and multifunction RF systems

The increased needs for surveillance, communication, localization and navigation on future military platforms, either for airborne applications or for naval and land operations, leads to an increasingly difficult integration of all these functionalities. It is especially true if the various systems are just installed separately side by side as is the case today. Of course, the various military platforms have very different operational concepts of use, and their frequency bands may be different depending on the applications (airborne, naval or land). When several RF functions are used on the same platform, every new RF system to be installed results in a real implementation nightmare with problems concerning electromagnetic compatibility, stealth, weight, volume, aerodynamic drag, structural resistance and certification issues (for example it must be proven that the new installed system does not degrade navigability for airborne platforms).

There is consequently a crucial challenge of reducing the number of antennas and RF units. This leads to development of the concept and analysis of the possible performances of multifunction RF systems, which are able at least to share the radiating elements, and for a more ambitious solution which would share most of the RF chains including transmission ...

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