Appendix C. Visiting B&N with Your NOOK Tablet

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YOU’LL FIND IT WORTH your while to visit a Barnes & Noble store with your NOOK Tablet, because when you do that, you get extras, notably the ability to read many NOOK books for free for an hour.

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When you go into a Barnes & Noble store, your NOOK Tablet automatically finds the store’s WiFi network and connects to it. For this to work, of course, WiFi needs to be turned on; for details see Using and Troubleshooting WiFi.

When you’re in the store, turn on your NOOK; a screen appears telling you that you’re connected. Click Connect to Shop, and then follow the directions for finding any special offers or browsing for books to read for free.

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If the screen doesn’t appear, or if you move away from the screen and can’t get back to it, don’t despair; you can still easily find books to read for free. Go to the NOOK Store (Browsing and Searching for Books in the NOOK Store) and in the Popular Lists scrolling area you’ll find a new entry—Read in Store. Tap it, and you’ll come to a list of books with the In Store badge. Scroll through the list until you see one you want to read. Tap the book, and you’ll see the usual details page, with one addition—a Read ...

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