Chapter 2. Setting Up Your NOOK Tablet

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NOW THAT YOU’VE TAKEN the guided tour of your NOOK Tablet, it’s time to get started. So in this chapter, you’ll charge your tablet, connect to a network, register with Barnes & Noble, and then be on your merry way.

Charging Your NOOK Tablet

First things first—before doing anything else, charge your NOOK Tablet. It’ll likely already have some kind of charge, but that’s not good enough; you want it to be charged completely so your reading (and watching and playing) won’t be interrupted.

Get out your USB cable and power adapter (USB Port, Connector, and Charger). Plug the larger end of the USB cable into the power adapter, and then plug the power adapter into a wall outlet. Then connect the mini USB connector on the cable to the small USB port at the bottom of your NOOK Tablet. Your NOOK will start charging immediately. The little NOOK icon on the USB cable near the mini connector will turn orange, showing that your NOOK is charging. When it’s fully charged, it turns green. It takes about 3 hours to fully charge a NOOK Tablet, but if your NOOK Tablet already has a charge, it may take less time.

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As you’ll see in Chapter 11, you can use the USB cable to connect your NOOK Tablet to your computer and then transfer files between them. Unlike some smartphones ...

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