Chapter 12. Surfing the Web

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THE NOOK TABLET IS more than just the best eReader on the planet. It’s also a pro at browsing the Web, with a great built-in browser. You can do anything on it that you can do with big-boy browsers on your PC or Mac—visit anywhere on the Web, bookmarks web pages, use web forms, and so on. The screen may be smaller than your desktop display, but it’s big enough and clear enough to give you a satisfying web experience wherever you go. How to do it all? That’s what this chapter is for.

A Tour of the NOOK Tablet’s Browser

To access the Web, press the NOOK button, and choose Web from the Quick Nav bar. The NOOK Tablet’s browser launches.

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If the button for the Web is grayed out and sports a Disabled badge, it has been turned off and you can’t browse the Web. Fear not; you can easily turn it back on—turn to Disabling the Browser to learn how.

The NOOK’s browser has plenty of goodies, much like those in a computer browser, including bookmarks, AutoComplete for web addresses, cookies, password memorization, the ability to save pages...just about the whole nine yards. However, the browser itself is fairly barebones, and its simplicity can be off-putting at first. But once you know your way around a bit, you’ll be browsing at warp speed. Here are the main controls you ...

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