challenges, 20

data growth vs. data expansion, 22

data source, 21

input processes, 2122

operation, 18, 19

output processes, 2223

real-time online algorithms, 19, 20

tools, 20

Advanced persistent threats (APTs), 42

Analytical frameworks, 1516


actionable results, 5455

advanced analytics, 5455

Big Data. See Big data analytics

metrics, 6970

numerous analytical methods, 54

quantitative and qualitative, 54

taxonomy of, 8183

tools, 54

APTs. See Advanced persistent threats (APTs)

Bandwidth and data transfer, 5657

BDA. See Big Data analytics (BDA)

Big Data analytics (BDA), 17, 27

analytic scientists, 5758

bandwidth and data transfer, 5657

bidirectional communication, 50

business perspective, 76

compliance challenges, ...

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