Chapter 3. Getting Help from Office 2007

In This Chapter

  • Opening and browsing the Help window

  • Searching the Help window

  • Changing the appearance of the Help window

Microsoft designed Office 2007 to be the easiest version of Office ever. Yet, despite these improvements in Office 2007's user interface, you may still need help in using one of the many Office programs once in a while.

To help answer your questions, Office 2007 provides a Help system, which lets you browse through different help topics until you (hopefully) find the answer you need. There are two ways to use the Help system. One, you can browse through the various topics displayed until you find the answer you want. This can take time to search but can also show you related help that you might find useful.

A second way to use the Help system is to type a query such as Page margins or Font size. The Help system will then display all topics related to your query. This can be a fast way to search for help, but if you don't type the right terms that the Help system recognizes, this method may not find the exact help you need.

Browsing the Help Window

Each Office 2007 program comes with its own help files that you can access at any time. To browse through the Help system, follow these steps:

  1. Choose one of the following to display the Help window, as shown in Figure 3-1 :

    Figure 3-1: The Help window lets you search for answers to your questions.

    Figure 3.1.  Figure 3-1: The Help window lets you search for answers ...

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