Chapter III.8. Printing from Excel

In This Chapter

  • Customizing your Excel Page Setup

  • Adding headers and footers

  • Creating a digital watermark

  • Deciding what print quality you want to use

  • Choosing a paper size

Printing from Excel is a bit different than the other Office applications in some respects. Excel's printing feature takes full advantage of the Mac OS X print capabilities, and Excel supplements these with some clever tricks of its own.

Using the Page Setup Dialog

Excel's Page Setup dialog lets you format your worksheet's printing output. To display this dialog, choose File

Using the Page Setup Dialog
Setting print titles and more.

Figure III.8.1. Setting print titles and more.

Browsing the Sheet tab

You have several ways to adjust the way you print Excel files on the Sheet tab, as discussed in the following sections.

Print Titles section

This section has an Options button that we explain in the section, "Setting the Paper Size," later in this chapter. Print Titles lets you make the following decisions:

  • Rows to Repeat at Top: If you want the first row (probably composed of headings) to repeat on each printed page, use this setting, as shown in Figure 8-1. You can either

    • Type in a row or range of rows.

    • Click the Select Range button (to the right of the Rows to Repeat at Top field); then, click the row number in your workbook, as shown in Figure 8-2. Clicking ...

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