Chapter V.6. Crafting Your Calendar

In This Chapter

  • Peeking at the Calendar interface

  • Going on a holiday

  • Working with events

  • Using Calendar to send and receive invitations

  • Searching and printing your Calendar

  • Exchanging Calendars with others

Clocks, dates, and calendars are items we almost always take for granted, yet they're amazingly intricate timekeepers that have a significant place in our daily lives. Fortunately, Entourage makes it easy for you to stay organized. Even if you travel, Entourage can keep your appointments straight while you go from one time zone to another. Do you live in a Daylight Saving Time area? No problem; let Entourage take care of those small details!

We start this chapter with a completely blank Calendar, just like you see the first time you open the Entourage Calendar application. Then, you can see how easily you can fill in events and manage your time. Using Entourage Calendar is quick, easy, and logical. In fact, it wouldn't surprise us that after you incorporate using your Entourage Calendar into your everyday activities, you'll be wondering how you got along without it.

Taking a Look at the Interface

When you click the Calendar button on Entourage's Standard toolbar for the first time, your Calendar is a blank slate, ready for you to start filling it. You find plenty of different views to the Calendar. We decided to click the Month button of the Calendar Standard toolbar for Figure 6-1. You can click the Browse buttons to switch from one month to another, ...

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