Chapter V.7. Keeping Track of Your Day

In This Chapter

  • Setting reminders

  • Making a note

  • Remembering your tasks

  • Moving through your day with My Day

Keeping your daily life in order involves the kind of organization that was designed into Office 2008. All the Office applications can key into the features we discuss in this chapter. Instead of wondering whether things are going as planned, you can find out exactly how your day is going. You can get things done your way because you prioritize them. In the end, you probably find your days more satisfying because you know you did your best to fulfill your own desires.

In this chapter, we deal with the tools that help you get through your day. We start with using the Reminders feature; then, we discuss making tasks, to-do lists, and notes; and finally, we describe how all this great Office organization comes together in the My Day feature.

Bringing Up Reminders

You can set reminders in various ways throughout Office 2008. In Word, Excel, Entourage, and PowerPoint, you can use the Flag for Follow Up and To Do flags to set reminders about all kinds of different things. When you create an event in Entourage, you can set a reminder.

A reminder is a little window that appears on your screen when the event trigger you set for it is met, as shown in Figure 7-1. For example, if you have an 11 o'clock meeting and you want to be reminded 30 minutes ahead of time, you can set up 10:30 as the event trigger for sending you a reminder. Reminders have two buttons: ...

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