Headers and Footers

A header or footer is a special strip showing the page number—as well as your book title, chapter title, name, date, and other information—at the top or bottom of every printed page in your document (or a section of it).

Creating Headers and Footers

Adding headers and footers to your document is now easier than ever thanks to Word 2008’s assortment of preconfigured Document Elements. Click Document Elements in the toolbar to reveal the Elements Gallery (if it’s not already showing), and then click the Header or Footer button. As shown in Figure 7-2, Word displays its gallery of preformatted header or footer styles. Use the pop-up menu to determine whether this header or footer will appear on odd pages, even pages, or all pages. Then click one of the thumbnails in the gallery and watch as Word inserts it in your document and switches to “Header and Footer” view.

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