Chapter 4

Word for the iPad

In This Chapter

arrow Formatting with styles

arrow Handling margins, page numbers, footers, and headers

arrow Running a spell check

arrow Footnoting the text

arrow Tracking revisions to a document

This chapter takes on Word for the iPad, the word processor in the Office for the iPad family. It explains why formatting documents with styles saves time and gives documents a professional look. This chapter delves into page layouts and how to handle page margins, page numbers, and headers and footers.

If, like me, you’re not a good speller, you’ll be glad to know that this chapter covers spell checking. It also looks into footnotes and how to track and identify editorial changes made to a document with several co-authors.

By the way, Chapter 3 explains how to create, open, and close Word for the iPad documents.

Applying Styles

Styles save time because when you apply a style, you apply several formatting commands at one time. The Heading 1 style, for example, applies formats that are ...

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