3.12. Offshore Production Technology and Equipment of Flowing Wells

3.12.1. Well Structure

An offshore well structure is shown in Figure 3-92.
1. Marine riser
    This is a type of structure that is different from those used on land, and it can isolate the drilling (drill string) columns or oil tube from strong corrosive seawater and can also be used to guide the drilling tool, production string, and other tools, and separate drilling fluid with seawater when circulating mud. They are generally made of 762 mm (30 in) diameter casing; the riser is at a depth of a 70∼100 m mud line at sea generally.
2. Surface casing
    Basically this is the same as on land, generally using 508 mm (20 in) casing down into the mud line at 300 to 500 m depth. Individual ...

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