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Changes in the Eighth Edition

This new eighth edition is organized around the important and prevalent topic of operations as the creation of value along the supply chain. We describe how every chapter topic fits within a supply chain framework in a company or organization in an increasingly global operating environment. To reflect this emphasis, the title of the text has been changed to Operations and Supply Chain Management. Two chapters deal directly with supply chain management: Chapter 10, Supply Chain Management Strategy and Design, and Chapter 11, Global Supply Chain Procurement and Distribution. However, every chapter includes material relating the chapter topics to supply chain management in a global operating environment. In addition, Chapter 5, Service Design, reflects the expanding presence and importance of the service sector in operations management. We have also added new material throughout the book on the increasingly important OM topics of sustainability, corporate social responsibility, and risk and resilience. To help us show how the OM topics in this new edition fit together within a supply chain framework, we open each chapter with a specific example about one product, denim jeans. Denim jeans are an ideal product to use as an example to introduce all the various operations and supply chain management topics in this text because it's a familiar and popular ...

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