images On-line Case: Cruise International, Inc.

Assignment: Introduction to Cruise International, Inc. You will be an intern for Cruise International, Inc. (CII). The company competes in the cruise industry in the small-ship, medium-ship, and large-ship markets. Your internship begins in a few weeks. Bob Bristol, your immediate boss, has asked you to become familiar with the cruise industry and its basic markets prior to beginning any of your assignments. This assignment will enhance your knowledge of the material in Chapter 1 of your textbook while preparing your future assignments.

To access the Web site:

  • Go to
  • Click Student Companion Site
  • Click Virtual Company/Cruise International, Inc.
  • Click Consulting Assignments


Each chapter ends with four cases that reinforce the issues and topics discussed in the chapter. The first two cases are within the text, while the other two are online cases. The cases can provide the basis for group discussion or can be assigned as individual exercises for students. Many cases conclude with a list of questions for students to answer.

In addition, each chapter offers a unique interactive learning exercise titled Internet Challenge where students are provided with a short case and given specific Internet assignments.

Pedagogy to Help Students Master the Course

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