Appendix DNet2Plan

D.1 Net2Plan

Net2Plan is an open-source and free to use Java-based software, developed by Pablo Pavón Mariño and (up to version 0.3.1) José Luis Izquierdo Zaragoza, and licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL). Net2Plan has its origins in September 2011, as a resource for network optimization courses at Technical University of Cartagena. Since then, it spread to other Universities, and has been applied in a number of works in the academia and industry. Installing instructions, documentation (including video tutorials), research publications, and teaching materials can be accessed via the website


Specific instructions to more easily access the book materials are available at:


Net2Plan was designed with the aim to overcome the barriers imposed by existing network planning tools in two forms: (i) users are not limited to execute non-disclosed built-in algorithms, but also can integrate their own algorithms, applicable to any network instance, as Java classes implementing particular interfaces, and (ii) Net2Plan defines a network representation, the so-called network plan, based on abstract concepts such as nodes, links, traffic demands, routes, protection segments, shared-risk groups, and network layers.

Network instances can have an arbitrary ...

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